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Abandoned 3-Year-Old From India With No Nose Adopted By Ohio Woman


A 3-year-old girl from India, whose nose was eaten by insects after she was abandoned at birth, recently began a new life with an Ohio woman and her adopted sister.

Cincinnati resident Kristen Williams began her adoption journey in Nepal in 2010, but her efforts were initially thwarted when the U.S. suspended adoptions in the country. She soon came across an orphan named Munni, who had been living in an orphanage since 2009.

“I was looking through the lists and lists of children up for adoption on my computer screen from an agency and there were just so many,” Williams said. “It was heartbreaking to see how many girls need a loving home in India. But I suddenly felt this pull for this little girl. Her name was Munni and she was just five years old at the time. I don’t know what it was but we connected. I just knew she was my daughter, I felt we had to be together and I got the ball rolling.”

It took two years for Williams to adopt Munni, but in 2012, her efforts finally paid off.

“I knew I wanted Munni in my life so I did everything in my power to make it happen. I wasn’t giving up on her no matter how long it took.”

After adopting Munni, Williams decided that she wanted to give her daughter the gift of a younger brother or sister.

“I was so blessed. She opened my eyes to so much. And I knew I wanted to adopt a little sister or brother for Munni.”

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44-year-old Williams, a school teacher, learned from her caseworker about a young girl named Durga, who had been abandoned in a bush at birth. Insects had eaten her nose, and authorities found her the next day “clinging to life” before bringing her to a clinic. 

“Her nose was badly nibbled by insects and she was very weak and we were afraid she wouldn’t survive. We tried our best to take good care of her and we used to feed her with cotton balls soaked in milk,” Kutch Mahila Kalyan Kendra centre Superintendent Ilaben Anjaria said. “We named her Durga. For three years we tried our best to find a home for her. Three couples that initially volunteered eventually rejected her because of her nose. Then we contacted an agency licensed with foreign adoptions. Finally Kristen’s agency got in touch.”

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Williams said she made up her mind immediately about adopting Durga. “I cried straight away. This gorgeous little girl with such beautiful eyes had suffered so much. Munni looked at her photo and said: ‘Is that my little sister?’. I said yes immediately. The case worker asked if I needed 24 hours to think about it but I said no, not needed.” 

Williams took time off from work to help Durga adjust to her new life, and says she’s even talking to surgeons about fixing her nose down the road. For now, though, the family couldn’t be happier to be together.

“Munni is over the moon with her little sister,” she said. “She’s the doting older sister already. She won’t want to go to school in case she misses out but we need to get a nice family routine going so life can become as normal as possible for Durga.”

Williams, who has yet to meet Mr. Right, said whomever she settles down with eventually will have to be 100 percent happy to become the father of such special girls.

“It will take a very special man to take all three of us on. I’ll never say never, of course I would love for them to have a father, but I’ll be very careful about who enters our lives.”

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