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Abandoned, Pregnant Dog Found In Tree Trunk (Photo)

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A tiny dog found living inside a hollowed-out tree trunk was found recently, and now her rescuers are trying to find her a forever home.

According to Sonoma County, California, animal control officer Shirley Zindler, the dog needs a very patient owner, since the pup thinks the world is “out to get her.”

Zindler’s department received a phone call a few weeks ago from a resident in Sonoma County. The caller reported that a small stray dog had been living inside a large tree for at least a week. According to Zindler, the tree is near a location commonly referred to as a dumping ground for abandoned dogs.

It reportedly took a few hours to coax the 7-pound dog, which Zindler described as looking like a generic Chihuahua, out of the hole in the tree. Another officer nicknamed the dog “Boo” after Boo Radley, who in To Kill a Mockingbird leaves gifts for children in a tree knothole.

Boo was pregnant, though none of her puppies survived. She is extremely wary of humans, since she probably hasn’t had any good interactions with them.

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Currently, Zindler is taking care of Boo until she finds the right home. The animal control officer has admitted that it’s difficult not to adopt all the dogs she meets in her line of work, but that sometimes she agrees to foster special dogs in addition to the four she already cares for.

“I take them home and fix them up so they can find a forever home,” Zindler said.  

Boo has since fallen under the wing of a "happy, confident" older dog who was once abandoned herself. According to Zindler, Boo has made steady, but slow progress.

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Sources: The Huffington Post, DailyMail / Photo Credit: Facebook


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