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Abandoned Kitten Born Without Eyes To Be Given A Second Chance

A kitten born without eyes will be given a second chance after it was believed she had been abandoned by her original owners.

Terri Crotty, founder of Wags 2 Wishes Animal Rescue in Plainfield, Illinois, received a call on Nov. 1 from a local family that found an orange kitten in their yard.

“[She was] basically saying her children found the kitten in her backyard and it appeared to be very young and its eyes just started to open,” Crotty said. “As soon as I saw the cat, I knew something wasn’t right. At that point I said my volunteer was going to take the kitten to the vet. That’s when we discovered that the kitten was actually born with no eyes.”

Crotty says the kitten, who was named Freya, was found alone. She believes her former owners may have abandoned her on a stranger’s property.

Freya was brought to Timberline Animal Hospital in Joliet, Illinois, to have surgery to close her eye sockets. This was a preventive measure taken to reduce the risk of infection.

Grotty said a volunteer at Wags 2 Wishes is seriously considering adopting Freya to give her another chance.

“[The volunteer] typically likes to adopt kittens or dogs with disabilities,” Crotty said. “It was almost like fate in a way. The cat will be able to live a normal life. It’s just going to take a very special person to make that adjustment.”

Grotty added that with some training and small adjustments, Freya should be able to adapt to a relatively normal life, thanks to the kind volunteer who may adopt her.

Sources: GMA Yahoo News, Plainfield Patch / Photo credit: GMA Yahoo News


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