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Abandoned Golden Retriever, Goldie, Eats Own Tail to Survive

After being left for dead when its owners high-tailed it out of their Iowa apartment, a golden retriever survived for weeks with almost no food and very little water. When new tenants arrived at the apartment, they discovered the dog, “Goldie,” and seven other dogs living unattended in an outdoor kennel. The tenants were able to find new homes for all of the other dogs but Goldie.

The new tenants tried to bring Goldie back to health by giving her ample food and water, but the symptoms she had developed because of the extreme starvation and dehydration were almost too much for her to overcome. Even though there was food was food in front of her, she ate half of her own tail because of the damage she had suffered during her ordeal. Filthy, skinny and emaciated, Goldie was on the brink of being euthanized, before being taken in by the Humane Society.

Goldie is now living at a local branch of the Humane Society, but probably won’t be for long. Offers to adopt the dog have been pouring in and a decision about who will the dog is expected to be reached in the next week or so, when the application period ends. Sybil Soukup, executive director of the Humane Society of North Central Iowa, said once all the applications are in, “Our shelter manager will have the daunting task of going through them to determine which one can provide the most appropriate home for Goldie.”

Even those who can’t take the dog in themselves have been extremely generous with their support for her. “Monetary donations through Paypal have come in from Pennsylvania, Texas, West Virginia and of course lots from throughout the state of Iowa and locally,” said Soukup.

Source: (Daily News)


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