Abandoned Dog Finds New Home After Owner Leaves Her Tied To A Pole

A dog found abandoned and tied to a pole at an Atlanta Airport has found a loving new home.

Officials at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport discovered the abandoned pup on April 16, WSBTV reported.

“She was tied up and sitting under a Mercedes. She was covered in dirt, obviously for a couple of hours,” landside operations supervisor Khern Forde told WSBTV. “People probably walked past her for hours. They probably didn’t take it seriously.”

Forde said the dog had a collar, but no tag. He decided with Atlanta Police Department officers to name the pit bull Daily.

The pup is reportedly about 18 months old and is in great health. Forde believes the owner abandoned the dog there, hoping someone would find her.

“Everyone was playing with her as soon as we untied her,” Forde said. “It was sad because she’s the sweetest little thing.”

Forde took the dog in and said she’s been keeping him busy.

“She’s not an older dog that just wants to sit and relax, she has a lot of life in her,” said Forde, adding that he has no intention of finding the owner. “You had your time with her, you didn’t value her life because you left her at a parking deck.

“I don’t need to find you because I may look at you different. I may charge you.”

Forde said he would have liked to keep Daily himself, but his girlfriend did not approve.

“My girlfriend was like, ‘You want to do what? No, not gonna happen,’” said Forde, who already has three dogs of his own.

But luckily for Daily, Forde wasn’t the only one who took a liking to her.

Forde said that APD Officer Tina Cunningham fell in love with the dog at first sight and took her in over the weekend.

Sources: WSBTV, LifeWithDogs.TV

Photo Credit: Via WSBTV


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