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Abandoned Animals Rescued from Trailer Scheduled to be Burned to the Ground

Over two dozen dogs and cats left abandoned and using a cluttered, garbage-strewn mobile home as shelter were rescued by volunteers and the Sikeston Humane Society in Scott County, Missouri, just two days before the trailer is scheduled to be burned to the ground, reports KFVS News.

Neighbors called to report the awful odor coming from the abandoned trailer and to alert the Humane Society that it was scheduled to go up in flames. They say that the home used to be occupied, but the people moved out when the land was purchased. The problem is they didn't take any of their animals with them, KFVS News reports.

Amy Wren from the Sikeston Humane Society said this is a good example of why folks need to control the pet population by getting them fixed.

"While we were there on Thursday night, we got 13 cats and kittens and the four dogs rounded up," Amy Wren from the Sikeston Humane Society said. "This is a good example of why folks need to control the pet population by getting them fixed."

The rescuers plan to come back Friday and Saturday morning.

"We have some time until Saturday at 3 o'clock, which is when this house will be put in flames, so we want to make sure we get all those cats out before then," Wren said. "We are actually having a hard time catching some of these because they are part wild."

One rescuer, Julie Adams, said she will personally adopt one of the cats because she lost hers in a tornado that rolled through Morley, Missouri, last year. (Eight people were killed in Midwest tornadoes and storms in November 2013.).

The Sikeston Humane Society is providing medical treatment and care and is rehabilitating the animals to make them available for adoption. Facebook is being used to ask for support to help pay the medical costs and seek adopters and to bring attention to the tragic plight of animals left behind because they are considered “disposable.”

Source: KFVS 12


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