Aaron Schaffhausen Calls Ex-Wife and Says "You Can Come Home Now Because I Killed the Kids"

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Aaron Schaffhausen has been charged with murdering his three daughters (Amara, 11, Sophie, 8, and Cecilia, 5) after reportedly stabbing all three to death. He faces three counts of intentional homicide.

Jessica Schaffhausen and Aaron Schaffhausen divorced in January. Aaron lived in Minot, North Dakota, while Jessica and the three children lived in River Falls, Wisconsin.

According to reports, Aaron drove to River Falls on Tuesday for a surprise visit. After his kids took him upstairs to see their toys, the recently fired dad allegedly killed them and then called Jessica, saying "You can [come] home now because I killed the kids."

Poilce say that Jessica got a text from Aaron on Tuesday, asking for an unplanned visit. She agreed, even though Aaron had allegedly made threats on her life in the past.

Two hours later, Aaron made the grisly phone call. Then, an hour later, after the call, he drove to the River Falls Police Station, wearing blood-stained shorts, and surrendered.

Wisconsin does not have the death penalty.

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