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Aaron Ramsey Sentenced to Life in Prison for Starving Son to Death

A father in Dallas, Texas is facing life in prison after he was found guilty of starving his 10-year-old son to death.

Aaron Ramsey said his son Jonathan was misbehaving and he decided the best form of punishment for the boy was starvation. He placed him on a strict diet of bread and water for months.

He also blamed the boy for his wife's miscarriage, as he said he punched the woman's stomach. After the miscarriage, he placed the boy on an even stricter diet. 

Jonathan's biological mother Judy Williams lived in New Mexico. She and other relatives tried to make contact with the boy but were repeatedly denied. It was after they had not seen him for over a year that the boy's grandfather, Edward Ramsey, filed a missing child report.

At first, Aaron and his wife denied that they had anything to do with the boy being missing. They said the boy went to live with his biological mother. But after it was investigated more, the couple confessed that they starved the boy.

He was found dead in his bedroom several months before, and had lost thirty pounds prior to his death leaving him with a weight of 60 pounds. 

Aaron put the boy in his favorite shirt, placed him in a sleeping bag and put his body in a rural creek.

Aaron's wife is also facing charges related to the boy's death.

Sources: Inquistr, Fox News


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