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Report: Hernandez' Sexuality Possible Murder Motive

According to new reports, Aaron Hernandez may have murdered his friend Odin Lloyd because Lloyd allegedly learned secrets about the former New England Patriots football star's sexuality.

An April 21 Newsweek report states that Lloyd allegedly referred to his good friend as a "schmoocher," which Hernandez reportedly interpreted as a slur against his sexuality, recounted Ernest Wallace, a co-defendant in the murder trial. Wallace later referred to Hernandez as a "limp wrist."

At the center of the investigation was an intimate relationship that Hernandez reportedly had with a man from high school.

Hernandez's alleged execution-style murder of his friend has remained a mystery to many, as media outlets work to investigate possible motives for the alleged murder and apparent suicide.

"Nobody knows what prompted Aaron Hernandez to kill his friend Odin Lloyd in cold blood, to take his own life in a very determined way," Newsweek reporter Michele McPhee, who broke the story about Hernandez's sexuality, told the New York Daily News.

After a correctional officer found Hernandez dead in his cell early in the morning of April 19, scattered details have emerged surrounding the unexpected death that occurred just days after the football star was acquitted of a double murder and was in the process of appealing his conviction for Lloyd's death.

Three suicide notes were found next to a Bible in Hernandez's cell -- one to his fiancee, one to his daughter, and a third to a man believed to be his prison boyfriend, notes the Newsweek report.

The public might not be buying it, however.

"Can we please show some freaking respect?!" wrote one Daily News Facebook commenter. "I'm so sick of people mocking this mans death and I'm even more sick of the crazy liberal media always going too far into things. Whether he was bi or gay or straight doesn't matter AT ALL."

"First there were no notes, then 3 magically appear…" mused another person. "Then this entire time, the reason he murdered lloyd was supposedly cuz he knew of the [other] 2 murders he was charged with, which he was acquitted for, now he is dead&all of a sudden things change&its cuz he was bi.?. Cmon now... Dude was wild&wrong for what he was found guilty of, but this s*** here is just ridiculous.."

Though a few defended Hernandez, most comments called for the media to let the former football celebrity rest in peace.

"He is gone, let it go so all of the families can try to heal," commented another person.

Sources: New York Daily News, New York Daily News/Facebook, Newsweek / Photo Credit: Sara Jo/Flickr

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