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Aaron Harvey Claims School Forced his Son to Write About Giving Up Constitutional Rights

Aaron Harvey, a dad in Jacksonville, Florida, was recently shocked to find a note in his 4th grader son’s book bag, which read: "I am willing to give up some of my constitutional rights in order to be safer or more secure.”

According to, Harvey said his son told him that his Cedar Hills Elementary school teacher, Cheryl Sabb, read the statement and instructed the children to write it down during a lesson on the Constitution, which included a guest lawyer/speaker who was not identified.

The incident happened back in January, but Harvey said he just now found the note.

Instead of actually asking the school about the note, Harvey sent a copy of it to because he wasn’t sure that he would have gotten an answer from the school, where he enrolled his son.

“Everybody has their opinions,” Harvey said. “I am strongly for proper education, for the freedom of thought so you can form your own opinion and have your own free speech in the future… [but] the education is, ‘when was the Constitution drafted, when was it ratified, why did this happen, why did we choose to do this…all these things, why did they particular choose those specific rights to be in our Bill of Rights."

“I believe in our Constitution. I am a veteran, I served for six-and-a-half years proudly and I served to protect our rights,” Harvey added. “Now whenever I have someone coming in and trying to pollute my child’s mind with biased opinions…there’s no education in that."

After this story was published on, Harvey said that he received a call from the school on Friday. Harvey says school officials told him that the sentence came during the lesson with the lawyer, Sabb did not call for it and that Harvey’s son “wrote it on his own free will.”

“All the children are pointing at the teacher,” Harvey said. “They told me that my son wrote that on his own free will, there’s now way he knew how to write that on his own free will. He likes to use some big words to flourish, if he was going to put together a sentence that political I’m sure it would be more jumbled than a nice sentence like that.”



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