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A Month Later, No Suspects in Norma Lopez Murder

It's been a month since the body of California teenager Norma Lopez was found murdered, and police appear to be no closer to finding her killer than when the case began.

Norma, 17, apparently took a shortcut home from school through a field in Moreno Valley when somebody abducted her on July 15. Her belongings were found strewn about the field, and there were signs of a struggle.

Five days later her body was found in another field about two miles away. The cause of death or whether Norma was sexually assaulted has not been made public.

"We’ve had a lot of leads but none are panning out. At this time we cannot release any information about the autopsy, it could tip-off potential suspects," said Sergeant Joe Borja. He added that the full autopsy report is not yet complete, anyway.

The one clue police had was a green SUV seen in the area at about the time Norma disappeared. Police said they wanted to speak to the people in the SUV as possible witnesses, not suspects. But so far, police have been unable to locate the vehicle and its occupants.

Police also questioned registered sex offenders who live in the area. Police have not released details of that portion of the investigation.


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