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A Dating Site for Virgins? Ripe for Abuse?

A new dating site called "You and Me are Pure" has launched, and it's specifically designed to help virgins meet other virgins.

The founders of the site, Jose and Lety Colin, were both virgins until they married, and Jose Colin tells PR Newswire that they founded the site "for singles who share the value of premarital sexual abstinence. We offer a comfortable place where abstinence is nothing to be ashamed of and can be discussed safely and with freedom."

In addition to dating services, the site offers gift certificates you can purchase for that special "virgin person" in your life, as well as wristbands and ebooks. You can also buy "V Cards," which, presumably, you'll discard once you marry the person you met on You and Me are Pure. Many of the membership packages are already listed as out of stock, indicating that perhaps there are a lot of virgins who've been waiting for a dating site like this - or, on the other hand, that savvy marketers want to make us think site memberships are in high demand.

A virgins-only dating website prompts some thorny questions. What exactly is the definition of virginity? If someone has performed sexual acts other than penetrative male-female intercourse, is he or she still eligible to join the site? Can gay virgins apply? And how on earth can the site verify that all its members are indeed virgins, without conducting some dubious medical tests? The idea seems ripe for abuse. How does the site screen for virgin fetishists?

As one commenter on the Huffington Post's story wrote, "There is a sucker born every second in this world and I am sure this site will get a lot of users."

And there's another important issue pertaining to the site: its impure grammar. Shouldn't its name be "You and I are Pure?"


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