98-Year-Old Woman Evicted By Real Estate Company (Video)


A large, vocal crowd of San Francisco residents are upset with the real estate climate in their city. A booming market is causing real estate developers to value profits over people, they claim, and tenants are paying the price.

The latest example they point to is Mary Phillips, a 98-year-old woman who’s lived in her current apartment for over 50 years. Phillips and all other tenants in her apartment are being evicted because the property’s owner is shutting down the building and selling it to a new developer.

According to Raw Story, the the 1986 Ellis Act is being used as justification for this move. The Ellis Act is a state law that essentially allows property owners the right to take rent-controlled units off the market at their discretion.

Moving at any age is tough. Moving at 98 is just about impossible.

“I’ve been very happy here,” Phillips told KRON 4. “I’ve always paid my rent, I’ve never been late.”

KRON 4 attempted to contact the owner of Phillips' building, Urban Green Investments, but received no response.

Phillips doesn’t know how long she’ll be able to stay in her apartment, but she’s clear on this: she’s not leaving without a fight.

“I didn’t sit down and cry,” Phillips said about when she received her eviction notice. “I just refused to believe it…They’re going to have to take me out of here feet first. Just because of your age, don’t let people push you around.”

Here is KRON 4’s interview with Phillips:

Activists posted a message on the VanishingSF facebook page asking people to contact Urban Green Investments CEO David McCloskey to protest the eviction.

Sources: KRON 4, Huffington Post, Raw Story


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