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96-Year-Old Man Finds Rat Tail In His Birthday Cake (Video)

A New York man was celebrating his 96th birthday with his family, and when they cut into his birthday cake, they all got a disturbing surprise.

Joe Valente of Commack says that the family found a rat tail inside the German apple ring cake cake once Valente had already started eating it.

"He said it doesn't taste right," said Valente’s nephew Neil Gold to WABC.

When the family turned the cake upside down, they saw what appeared to be mold, but after further examination, they realized that it was the tail of a dead rat.

"We saw it was coming from the bottom. We flipped it over and seemed to be a rat's tail,” said Gold.

Gold reportedly took the cake to a lawyer’s office, and upon inspection, the lawyer said he thinks that the cake was intentionally tampered with.

“I personally am of the opinion that this cake was tampered with,” said attorney Ed Yule. “What's King Kullen have to say about this?”

King Kullen, the store that sold the family the cake, actually advertises its German apple ring cake as its specialty and maintains that they don’t have a rodent problem, despite the obvious rat tail found in the cake.

“King Kullen has had in-store bakeries for over 30 years and there has never been a case of a rodent in one of our store-baked cakes,” said spokesman Lloyd Singer. “Product has been removed from the bakery and the premises has undergone a thorough inspection. There are no known safety or rodent issues in this bakery.”

Valente reportedly suffered from stomach pains and diarrhea after eating a bite of the cake, but he was not hospitalized.

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