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95-Year-Old WWII Veteran Fights Off Wannabe Robber With Cane

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A World War II veteran in Manchester, New Hampshire, is safely home again after a dangerous incident. This time, he was fighting a battle against a wannabe thief.

Arthur Kemberis is a 95-year-old war veteran but he still had enough fight in him to beat back a man who attempted to steal his wallet.

“I am not a fighter,” the WWII veteran told CBS Boston. “I am too old to do that but I did lift up my cane and struck him on the shoulder.”

Kemberis, who served in Okinawa, was at the pharmacy to pick up his wife’s prescription when he was followed out into the street by the would-be robber.

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When the two were outside, the man then attempted to steal Kemberis’s wallet.

“He was not aggressive,” Kemberis said. “He didn’t lay his hands on me other than he wanted to reach in this pocket to get the wallet.”

Kemberis attempted to give the man some loose change in his pocket, but when the robber made it clear that he wanted more, Kemberis struck him several times with his cane.

“I had my credit card, my license, my grandchildren’s pictures in there and all sorts of stuff it would have been wicked for me to replace,” he said.

“I was very nervous,” he added. “I hit him three or four times on the arm … the cop told me you should have hit him on the head!”

Soon a driver drove past the two and got out of his car to help. It was then that the wannabe robber fled the scene.

“I told him what a splendid thing he [the driver] tried to do because something worse could’ve happened,” Kemberis said.

Police have since viewed the surveillance footage of the pharmacy and are now on the lookout for a white male, about 5 feet 10 inches tall and approximately 165 pounds.

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“Mr. Kemberis was very fortunate he fought off the bad guy and left in one piece,” said Police Lt. Brian O’Keefe.

Though he did walk away from the incident healthy and alive, it will change one thing about his routine.

 “When I go out alone,” Kemberis said, “my 357 magnum will be with me all the time.”

Source: WGNO, WBZ4

Photo Credit: The Daily Mail, Manchester, N.H. Police


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