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94-Year-Old Woman Buys Five Seconds Of TV Commercial Time To Air Simple Message (Photos)


A woman in Tennessee completed her bucket list by buying five seconds of advertising space on her local TV station to broadcast a simple, three-word message — “love one another.”

Shirley Batchelder, a 94-year-old resident at Steeple Chase Manor Retirement home in Franklin, Tennessee, said she has had a wonderful life full of experiences that she was able to cross off her bucket list. Batchelder was married for 57 years, and spoke fondly of her husband.

“He was dark, curly hair, handsome as can be,” she said.

With so much life lived, Batchelder said there was still one thing she hadn’t done.

“I said there is one thing,” she said. “I want to put an ad on television.” She subsequently purchased five seconds of ad space and filled it with a powerful message, displayed in white text against a black background. “Love one another,” the message read. 

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While Batchelder said it’s up to those who view the commercial how they interpret her message, she’s mostly glad that she’s got nothing left to do on her bucket list.

“Love one another,” she told WSMV. “Love one another.”

Sources: The Blaze, WSMV / Photo credit:


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