94-Year-Old Grandmother Gets Honor Of Being Flower Girl At Granddaughter’s Wedding

A newlywed wife did something a little different for her wedding last week by giving her grandmother the honor of being the flower girl.

Instead of a niece or a close friend’s daughter, bride Laura VanPelt asked 94-year-old Helen Kavanagh to take on the role when she got married near Rockford, Michigan, the Daily Mail reports.

The grandma walked down the aisle carrying her cane, decorated with lace, in one hand and a basket full of flower petals strapped over her shoulder.

"When I tell people I was the flower girl, it's quite a surprise," she told The Grand Rapids Press, adding that some people don't believe her.

Kavanagh thought her granddaughter was joking when she was told that she would be the flower girl. 

“When she asked me, I just laughed,” she said. “I thought she was kidding, of course. But then she said, ‘No, grandma, I’m not. I want you to be my flower girl.'”

Kavanagh is one of 12 children and went on to have nine of her own with husband Lawrence, who passed away from cancer about 30 years ago. She now has 11 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren, and they’re expecting another one soon.

Kavanagh previously worked as a cake baker and decorator, so on top of being a flower girl, she baked 200 truffles and plenty of dessert for her granddaughter’s marriage to new husband Austin Kuipers.

The grandmother turns 95 in November and brought a lifetime of memories to the altar, adding that the moment was “the biggest thrill” she's ever had.

Sources: Daily MailThe Grand Rapids Press


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