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93-Year-Old World War II Veteran Robbed of War Documents and Valuable Family Heirlooms

A 93-year-old World War II veteran was reportedly robbed of his war documents, jewelry and money in a burglary that took place at his home.

Frank Taylor says irreplaceable items, including documents he has kept since serving in WWII, were stolen from his home after he went out for a few hours last Friday morning, reports CTV News.

“It meant everything to me…what else have I got?” said Taylor. “Stuff scattered over my floor inside, and the safe was broken open, and everything was cleaned out of it. Everything I owned. My papers, my insurance, my discharge papers, my pay books. Gold coins, rings.”

The thief or thieves even took Taylor’s birth certificate, in addition to family jewelry and collectable coins, according to police. Authorities are asking for the public to help by providing any information they can about this crime.

Despite the fact that this incident took place mere days before Veteran’s Day, Tim Griffitsh, Acting Staff Sgt. With the Guelph, Ontario, police, says there’s no proof that this was anything more than a coincidence.

“We don’t have any information that it might be something related to Remembrance Day,” Griffitsh said. “It just makes it much worse that it was a veteran that was picked on. Whether vet or not vet we want to do everything we can for them, to help them either solve it or get their property back if we can.”

Source: CTV News

Photo Credit: Screenshot via CTV News 


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