92-Year-Old Man Dies After Nursing Home Fist Fight


An elderly Pennsylvania man died after a fistfight at an Orwigsburg nursing facility this week.

Fred John Govern, 92, suffered minor head injuries, facial pain and abrasions on his arms after a verbal altercation with another resident became physical on Monday.

His son, Fred Govern Jr., says it all started when another resident cut in line at dinner.

"My father had to have said something to him about jumping the line, which I know he would do, knowing my father. The guy just turned around when my father checked him and started punching him," his son told WPVI-TV.

Govern was transported to Schuylkill Medical Center in Pottsville, where he later died from cardiac arrest.

State police are investigating the death. The results of an autopsy have not yet been released.

A 64-year-old North Carolina woman was arrested this week for assaulting two other elderly patrons at a Golden Corral restaurant. She was allegedly also angry with a man for cutting in front of her in line.



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