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911 Operator's Shocking Lack Of Sympathy For Rape Victim (Video)

A 911 operator in Columbus, Ohio, has raised the ire of many people in the community by the way she handled an emergency phone call from a college rape victim.

The 911 call (video below) was made at 4:00 a.m. on Sunday by an Ohio State University student. The young woman was staying at a home off-campus when a man holding a gun woke her up and forced her to perform various sex acts.

The rape victim called 911, but did not know the address of the home. The college student asked the 911 operator if they could locate her via her cell phone, notes ABC News.

“No, we can’t," answered the 911 dispatcher. "That’s why I need to know where you are."

The victim described the rapist and asked the 911 operator to have him arrested.

“Ma’am, you’re going to have to quit crying so I can get the information from you,” said the 911 operator.

The 911 operator then wanted to know how the rapist entered the home, which the victim could not answer because she was asleep at the time.

“Well, they’re not going to be able to find him with the information that you’ve given,” claimed the 911 dispatcher.

The rape victim replied, "Don’t you understand how horrified I am? I'm a 20-year-old from Upper Arlington. I don't know what you deal with every day but the kind of sympathy you have is zero."

A Columbus 911 supervisor told ABC 6 that the 911 operator could have handled the call better and that the call would be reviewed, but had already decided not to give a written reprimand the 911 dispatcher.

The reason? The police eventually arrested a suspect who was charged with rape and burglary. This is considered helping the victim, even though the 911 operator clearly told her that the rapist would not be caught.

Sources: ABC NewsABC 6


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