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'You're Telling Me I Have To Walk?': Police Investigating 911 Dispatcher's Response To Assault Victim

A 911 call took a strange turn when the dispatcher told a Florida woman who had been carjacked and almost raped that police could not help her.

The woman said that she was on her way to a nearby store when her kidnapper, Anton Gardner, jumped in her car and made her drive around town, WFTV reported. Gardner reportedly robbed her of her money and phone. He also demanded she perform a sexual act on him, but she refused.

The victim said that Gardner became angry that she was only driving on main roads.

“He got really angry and started hitting me in the face, smashing me around by my hair, and afterwards, he went ballistic and kind of got quiet," she said. "(He) was mumbling to himself, got real fidgety and acted weird."

The victim told WFTV that the longer she was with Gardner, the more she feared she wouldn't survive the night.

She managed to escape the car and find a phone. However, when she got to the phone and called 911, the dispatcher told her that in order to be helped by DeLand police, she would need to walk down a dark road by herself to reach DeLand jurisdiction.

The dispatcher told her, "We can't have a DeLand PD officer leave the jurisdiction to meet with you to take a report."

The victim was shocked by the dispatcher's response. DeLand police officers were eventually sent to the scene, but only after the victim argued with the dispatcher for 15 minutes.

"You're telling me, I have to walk down the street after I just got carjacked and almost sexually assaulted that you want me to go back outside into the dark and walk?" the victim said, in response to the dispatcher's request.

Police caught and arrested Gardner and booked him in the Volusia County Jail.

Gary Davidson, spokesman for the Volusia County Sheriff's Office, said that the actions of the dispatcher during the call are being investigated.

"We come to the victim, we don't tell the victim to come to us," he said.

The dispatcher had reportedly been working for the county for over a year.

Davidson said that he is glad that the victim brought the matter to their attention so they can address the problem and correct it.

Sources: Inquisitr, WFTV

Photo Credit: Inquisitr, WFTV Screenshot


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