911 Dispatcher Defies Rules To Help Save 17-Month-Old's Life

A 911 dispatcher reportedly risked his job to help save a baby’s life in Virginia.

After dispatcher Tim Webb received a frantic phone call from grandmother Cheri Grable about her 17-month-old grandson Aidan’s inability to breathe, Webb reportedly defied protocol and began instructing the woman on how to give CPR to the child, reports Fox 2 Now.

Grable was reportedly in a great deal of distress as she screamed, “Oh my God my baby my baby! He’s not breathing oh my God oh my God!” Webb asked if anyone in their home knew how to resuscitate the child, but when Webb said they didn’t, he sought the counsel of his chief at Galax Police Department, who confirmed he could provide CPR directions.

“Without some sort of life-saving measures, the child would expire. I wasn’t gonna let that happen, even if it meant being reprimanded,” Webb said.

Webb reportedly instructed Grable to place the child on a table, pinch his nose, put her mouth over his and blow. Mother Melissa Grable, who was out at the store getting her son medicine at the time he child's grandmother discovered he was not breathing, called it the “scariest day” of her life.

Cheri was able to save the child, thanks to Webb’s help. The family reportedly visited the dispatcher at Galax police headquarters to personally thank him.

Source: Fox 2 Now/Photo Credit: David Bruce Jr/Flickr 


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