911 Call About Bigfoot Sighting Sparks Rumors of Creature


Bigfoot rumors have spread after a Pennsylvania man called 911 claiming he had evidence of the mythical creature near his home.

On May 14, John Winesickle called authorities and asked for a police officer to come out to his property in Somerset County so he could show them the evidence.

A police officer went to his home, and Winesickle took him on a path in the woods where he showed him tracks he claimed to have belonged to Bigfoot. But the officer concluded they belonged to a bear.

Despite authorities believing it was a bear he had seen, Winesickle is sticking by his claims and says he saw the creature along with his female companion.

"When he walks, just plain walks, he makes six-foot steps," Winesickle said. "He talked in his language, you know. He is so deep when he makes his sound it puts a bear to shame."

After his call to 911, news spread of his sighting, and a number of reports showed up creating rumors that a hunter had killed the creature and its existence was confirmed by authorities.

Eric Altman, director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society, said, "The current Bigfoot scene is awash with hype, rumors, backstabbing, hoaxing and rampant unprofessional behavior. You have to look for the few who are interested in answering the question: What, if anything, happened here?"

Though Pennsylvania has reported a number of Bigfoot sightings, Washington state was named the No.1 "Best State for Bigfoot to Live in," as more than 500 sightings were reported in the area.

Sources: Ringside Report, IBT


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