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90-Year-Old Widow Set To Lose Her Home Of 64 Years

Anyone who has lived for as long as 90-year-old Marie Louise Sikorski has likely seen a lot of change. Sikorski may soon see another change, as the Florida woman could be evicted from her home of more than 60 years.

Widowed in 2002, Sikorski has lived in her home in Sarasota, Florida, since it was built in 1952, the Daily Mail notes. She’d been struggling on the upkeep of the home since her husband’s death, and in 2014, neighbors reportedly complained to Sarasota officials about the state of the property.

Since then, Sikorski has incurred fines of up to $500 daily, half of her monthly income. The code violations total $150,000.

In addition, she also reportedly owes property taxes and her attorney’s retainer fee.

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Sikorski’s relatives no longer live in Florida, so neighbor Miles G., 30, offered to help out. He’s worked, without pay, for up to 16 hours a day repairing the home, and he even hired contractors when the worked needed was beyond his expertise.  

Among the work Miles performed was landscaping, replacing siding and shingles, and washing the exterior.

"Someone needed to step in and help her because the city wasn't going to," Miles told WPTV, according to the Daily Mail.

Sarasota city officials, however, are reportedly still citing Sikorski with fine violations. This is because the city requires all work be completed by a licensed contractor.

"At this point we will continue to see that the code standards are met, there is no 'harassment' occurring," the city said in a statement to WWSB 7.

The city said it wishes to resolve all issues in a compassionate way and only involved itself after neighbors complained, according to the Daily Mail.

Miles said he sees the situation differently.

"The letter of the law says to fine her 500 dollars a day, but then when you look at the reality of the situation, a 90-year-old widow doesn't have any help or family," he told WWSB 7. "There should be a program in place for people like this."

Miles has erected protest signs in Sikorski’s yard and is trying to get local businesses to help. Sikorski said she is very grateful for Miles’ assistance.

Another supporter has started a GoFundMe campaign. As of June 1, the fundraising page has raised over $7,000 of its $150,000 goal.

Sources:  Daily Mail, WWSB 7, GoFundMe / Photo Credit:  WWSB 7

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