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90 Year Old Pulls Gun on Armed Robber (Video)

George Hicks, 90, recently pulled a gun on an armed robber, who allegedly tried to bump off the senior's laundromat in Dayton, Ohio.

According to Hicks, the robber entered the R&J Laundromat on Monday and asked for change for a $5 bill. The incident was recorded on a surveillance video (below).

“He come in and he looked at the pop machine and he walked around and he asked me if I’d give him change,” Hicks told the Dayton Daily News. “I pulled the door open again and that time he shoved me.”

According to WPIX, the robber then pointed a gun at Hicks and demanded all his money.

“When he shoved me, I jumped up and went for my gun and when I went for my gun I said I’ll blow your [expletive] brains out and he was gone,” said Hicks. “When I went for my gun he run out the door. He never got nothing."

Hicks, who has owned the Laundromat for 12 years, was beaten and robbed in 2010, but was ready this time.

“Why get scared? I’ve got the gun, and he’s running,” added the senior. “It was just funny.”

Sources: Dayton Daily News and WPIX


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