9-Year-Old Pregnant Girl Might Really Be 15 or Older

The media has focused much attention on the supposed pregnancy of a 9-year-old Mexican girl, but reports now indicate that the girl could actually be 15 years old or older.

Sources indicate that it was “highly likely” that Dafne was not the age her mother said she was when she went to the hospital to give birth.

Antonio Munoz Serrano, the health commissioner for the state of Jarisco, said the girl did not seem 9. “The medical characteristics of this child do not correspond to those of a nine-year-old girl.”

“She could be much older than that, it appears she is more than 15 years old.”

He said that the family could face “great responsibility” for lying about her age.

If it is true, many wonder why her mother would lie about her daughter’s age.

One reason may be because Dafne might have been trying to get into school, and she had not gone until now.

But a more disturbing reason may be because her mother is a prostitute, and was trying to turn Dafne into a sex worker as well. In Mexico, a 9-year-old girl could receive higher fees from clients compared to a teenager.

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Dafne’s birth certificate, and the circumstances under which it was obtained, are unclear at the moment.

Her birth certificate was only revealed a year and two months ago when she tried to go to school for the first time and needed to show it to the school.

Her neighbors describe her as “kind and very sweet” but obviously not a child.

A woman in her 20s who lives next door said Dafne was tall for her age, well developed, with a light complexion and long blonde hair.

If Dafne really is 15 or older, the boyfriend who got her pregnant would not face criminal charges, as the legal age for consent is 14 in Mexico.

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Media coordinator for the Jarisci prosecutors office, Jose Ramirez, said “We are going back through the archives to try and find out exactly when she was born.”

“She is not originally from here so we are having to do a thorough search. The girl will be given a medical examination to see exactly how old she is. It is highly likely that the girl is older than nine years old.”

Source: (DailyMail)

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