9-Year-Old Omaree Varela Kicked to Death By Mother After Calling 911 To Report Abuse Six Months Earlier (Video)

The disturbing death of a young boy in Albuquerque, New Mexico has many calling for more people to be held accountable.

In June of last year, 9-year-old Omaree Varela called 911 and let operators hear what was happening in his home. In the troubling recording, two adults voices are clearly heard berating and verbally abusing the young boy as he cries.

"You make everybody sick around you, Omaree. Everybody,” said the unidentified man. “You make me and your mom fucking sick, man. I f*cking can't stand you Omaree, my Lord.”

A woman, believed to be Omaree’s mother Synthia Varela-Casaus, can also be heard screaming and yelling at the boy, calling him names and making him cry.

According to reports, authorities were dispatched to the home following the 911 call, but no police report was filed.

Six months later, Omaree Varela was found dead at the very home that police went to earlier. His mother Synthia was arrested and has now been charged with one count of child abuse resulting in death, five counts of child abuse, and one count of tampering with evidence. Authorities say that the mother repeatedly kicked Omaree to death, which she claims was an accident.

Now, many people are angry that nothing was done to prevent this from happening back in June when the initial 911 call was made. Activist groups in the area are calling for the firings of the two original responding officers and of the Children Youth and Families Department secretary.

In the meantime, Albuquerque police say that the two responding officers have been placed on paid leave while an investigation is launched.

“As of February 4 the two officers who were dispatched on the call have been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal affairs investigation,” said Albuquerque Chief Administrative Officer Rob Perry. “There are many aspects of this call which are extremely troubling. “If it is determined by the internal affairs investigation that officers involved did not respond in accordance with proper procedures, swift action will be taken to hold those individuals accountable.”

Omaree reportedly told school officials about abuse in his home a year before he died.


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