9-Year-Old Not Strong Enough To Perform CPR, Saves Dad By Kicking Him


A 9-year-old girl saved her father, who was having a mysterious allergic reaction, by kicking him in the chest when his heart stopped.

When Izzy McCarron realized she wasn’t strong enough to jolt her father’s heart with her arms, she stomped on him.

"I just kicked him really hard," Izzy told Metro. "My mom taught me CPR, but I knew I wasn't strong enough to use hands. I was quite scared."

“My mom said that he was going to hospital with a giant footprint on his chest,” she added.

It is still unclear why her father went into anaphylaxis.

He has since made a full recovery.

Izzy received an award from her school for “outstanding bravery.”

Sources: Metro, New York Daily News


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