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9-Year-Old Indianapolis Girl Arrested After Punching Younger Sister During Argument With Mom

Police arrested and charged a 9-year-old girl in Indianapolis after her mom reported her for punching her 6-year-old sister.

The girl was charged with battery last weekend following the incident, in which the younger sibling was socked in the head, the Huffington Post reports.

Andrea Stumpf, the youngsters’ mother, caught the incident on camera and showed the video to the responding police officer.

Stumpf told the cops that she was arguing with the 9-year-old girl at her home, Worldwide Weird News reports. During the discussion, the girl turned and punched her younger sister.

The officer then “made the decision to arrest” the older sister, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department spokesman Officer Rafael Diaz told Fox 59. She was taken to the Marion County juvenile center.

“We know that the younger kids get involved in the juvenile justice system, the more likely they are to keep getting involved with the system,” Rick Whitten, executive director of Boys and Girls Clubs of Indianapolis, told the station.

Because of their young age, the identities of the girls have not been released.

Sources: Huffington PostWorldwide Weird NewsFox 59 / Photo Credit: chefranden/Flickr


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