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9-Year-Old Girl Testifies Against Mother In Court: She Killed My Dad

The two young children of a San Diego mother accused of killing her husband, their father, both testified in court on Sept. 21 that their mother is responsible for his death.

“How do you feel about your mother now?” Julie Harper’s 9-year-old daughter was asked in court, according to Inside Edition.

“I don’t like her,” the girl replied.

“Because she killed my father,” she added after being asked why she did not like her mother.

The girl's older brother, with the help of a support dog to comfort him, also testified against his mother.

When asked how he felt about her, the boy said, “I don’t really want to talk about that.”

The girl recounted what happened the day their father was killed: “We heard a big thud. She said, ‘Daddy just fell off the chair.’ We said, ‘Can we see him?’ and she said ‘No.’” 

Harper has pleaded not guilty to a second-degree murder charge, claiming self-defense as the reason she shot her husband, Jason Harper, in 2012, reports ABC 10. She told Carlsbad police that they were arguing and she had the gun to protect herself from his rage, and it went off accidentally.

Cell phone video was played in court that captured the argument.

“I don't care, but don't force me into going somewhere until you give me my $3,000,” Jason is heard saying, according to Inside Edition. “I don't want to enable your horrible money waste and your poor credit score and everything else!”

Harper also claims her husband raped her 30 times during their marriage.

Photos taken of Harper the day of her arrest in her underwear do not show any obvious injuries.

Prosecutors argue that Harper planned to kill her husband.

A bag containing a gun and passports was found in the home, and after the shooting, she took her children out for pastries.

Harper’s children are currently in the custody of their paternal grandparents.

Sources: Inside Edition, ABC 10 / Photo credit: Inside Edition


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