9-Year-Old Girl Dies After Pit Bull Attack


A 9-year-old girl in New York died following a pit bull attack.

Police were called to a house in Elmont, New York, early on Nov. 8 where they saw a male pit bull attacking a young girl in the backyard, Pix11 reports.

When another officer approached the scene, the dog charged at the officer. The officers fired three shots at the animal and killed it.

The child was visiting the home at the time of the attack. She was taken to hospital where she later died.

The identity of the child has not been released.

A study by Animals 24-7 from 1982-2014 found pit bulls were responsible for most attacks while only making up approximately 6 percent of the dog population.

The Canine Journal claims that while pit bulls account for the majority of dog bite fatalities, followed by Rottweilers, the environments in which they are raised are key.

Canine Journal believes any dog will bite if conditions are right, taking into account stressors and breed tendencies.

Sources: Pix11, Animals 24-7, the Canine Journal / Photo credit: Senor Hans/Flickr


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