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9-Year-Old Finds Diamond Wedding Ring In Goldfish Bag

Peyton Postol, 9, was shocked when she opened a bag of Goldfish and found a diamond wedding ring inside. 

"I was opening it up and I asked my mom, 'Is there supposed to be a ring in here?'" Postol recalled.

Her mother, Stephanie, was equally as shocked to find the ring inside, noting that she did a double-take just to make sure the object was really a ring. Although the discovery was at first exciting, Mrs. Postol added that she might not eat Goldfish ever again.

Spokesperson for Pepperidge Farm Anna Burr said the company was "very surprised" to hear of the incident, since their snacks' packaging is taken seriously. 

"We do take it very seriously and we have in place a number of processes to avoid something like this from happening," Burr said. "All the packs pass through a very sensitive metal detector. So we really want to get the pack back so we can understand how this might have happened."

In addition to keeping packaging safe through those precautions, Pepperidge Farm forbids employees to wear jewelry and requires them to use gloves while working.

The Postols plan on sending the package, along with the ring, back to Pepperidge Farm so that the company might determine how the ring ended up inside the snack bag. 

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