9-Year-Old Celebrates Birthday By Shooting And Killing Bear


Some children celebrate their 9th birthday with cake and ice cream, but Reed Sutley marked the occasion by shooting a black bear.

In a video uncovered by Mirror Online, Reed and his young friends, clad in camouflage, sit on a platform and wait for a bear to come across some food, which had apparently been placed there by Reed’s father, Greg. 

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Greg then selects a gun to give to his son as another bear approaches the food, unaware of the imminent danger. Reed takes the weapon, and one of the bears falls dead after a single shot. The other bear flees. 

Greg, who runs a hunting company from his home in Alberta, Canada, posted the video on YouTube. The three-minute clip has since been removed, but The Telegraph reported it was entitled, “9 Year Old Shoots First Bear at Birthday Party.”

After firing the fatal shot, Reed says, “We saw eight bears — one down and seven more to go.” 

Predictably, the backlash was immediate and harsh. One commenter wrote: "Greg mate, you should be ashamed of yourself bringing kids out on a road trip for the soul purpose of killing an innocent animal... Why the f--- are these kids laughing ... after they killed it?”

There’s no evidence that the hunt was illegal.

Sources: Mirror, The Telegraph / Photo credit: Screenshot via Mirror


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