9-Year-Old Boy Writes Santa A Letter, Asks For Grandfather To Have Christmas Day Off (Photo)


In a heartwarming letter to Santa that has now gone viral, one Connecticut child asked that his grandfather get the day off of work.

“Dear Santa,” the letter, written by Julian Otero, reads. “My greatest wish is that you talk to my grandfather’s boss, Mr. John Mathers, and ask him if he could give my grandfather Christmas Day off.”

Julian added that Otero would appreciate spending time with his grandkids and other family members. Julian also asked that Santa thank Mathers in advance.

After sneaking in a request for an Xbox 360, Julian signed the letter and handed it over to his mother, who then delivered it to Otero. Otero delivered it to the Madison Beach Hotel to show Mathers, who was touched by the letter.

Immediately, Mathers drafted a letter in response.

“I received a phone call from the North Pole this morning asking me to contact Santa on his private cell phone,” Mathers wrote. “He was concerned that you were planning to work on Christmas day…I think it would be best if you planned to take the day off.”

Mathers added a note saying Santa didn’t think Julian was ready for an Xbox 360.

Otero reported that he was relieved by the response and is looking forward to spending Christmas day with his family. 

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Sources: DailyMail, Fox News / Photo Credit: Facebook


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