9-Year-Old Boy Suspended For Bringing Toy To School That Apparently Looks Like A Gun


A 9-year-old boy in Michigan has been suspended indefinitely for bringing a toy that looks like a gun to school.

Gage, a student at the Creative Montessori Academy in Southgate, reportedly brought the toy to school, showed it to his friends before class, and pointed it at a friend while saying “bang, bang.”

Gage’s parents allege that the toy didn’t even resemble a firearm, but it was merely a spinning top that he brought to school to show his friends. Also, the other students involved say that Gage never actually said “bang, bang,” and that the teacher who reported the incident was wrong.

The parents say that their son suffers from epilepsy, and that he needs to be in school in order fully comprehend reading and writing. They say the indefinite suspension is not conducive to Gage’s education and continued progression.

“They’re kids, they have imaginations,” said Gage’s father Jonathan Duff. “It doesn’t look like a gun.”

Officials at the Creative Montessori Academy, however, are claiming that the parents’ story is not entirely true. They say that the toy did in fact resemble a gun, and they have the pictures to prove it. They say the toy shown in the Fox 2 news report video is not the toy that was used on the day of the incident, adding that their zero tolerance policy for this sort of thing is upheld.

“The actual toy did actually resemble a gun,” said Tonya Holcomb, chief communications director for Choice Schools Associate. “This is a case of a look-alike weapon reported to be used as a toy gun.”

The school also claims that the boy was only suspended for one day, so the parents’ claim that he is suspended indefinitely is also false.

You can see the original Fox 2 news report below.


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