9-Year-Old Boy Sneaks On Airline Flight to Las Vegas (Video)


An unidentified 9-year-old boy recently sneaked through security at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport and boarded a Delta Airlines flight for Las Vegas.

Apparently, the boy made it through numerous checkpoints and gate agents last Thursday. He was not questioned until his plane landed in Las Vegas (video below).

"At this point, this is a Delta and TSA issue. This is a rare incident," Pat Hogan, spokesperson for the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP), told KARE.

Delta Airlines said in a statement to KARE, "We are investigating the incident and cooperating with the agencies involved."

The boy, who was not carrying a boarding pass, is apparently a runaway from the Twin Cities area.

Before his flight on Thursday, the boy went to the airport on Wednesday and reportedly took someone's luggage at the arrival area.

He ate at a restaurant, asked a restaurant employee to watch the luggage while he went to the restroom, but didn't return, noted USA Today.

"He had to pass three levels of security. You have the TSA, the gate agents, and the flight crew and a child comes through without even a seat assignment," said Terry Trippler, who researches the airline industry for ThePlaneRules.com.

Sources KARE and USA Today


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