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9-Year-Old Boy Senses Something Wrong With Twin, Ends Up Being Right

When a 9-year-old U.K. boy died in a car accident recently, his identical twin brother sensed he was in danger before police even broke the news.

“Mom you need to go find Logan,” 9-year-old Zachary Carrie told his mother on the day his brother was killed, the Mirror reports. Logan, Zachary’s twin, had gone to see some friends and his mother, as she always did, told him to be back before dark. When Zachary warned that his brother was in danger, his mother knew that it could be serious.

“He knew before anybody else knew. He knew. They were so close. They shared a cot in the hospital. They shared a cot at home,” Sionaid Brown said. “You could put the two of them in the same moses basket for a short while because they were so small. They’ve never been apart.

“When Logan was in hospital for two nights, not one of the two of them slept,” she continued. “When we moved house, they just had to share a bed. They couldn’t sleep apart. Even now there’s been nights when I’ve gone to their room and found them snuggled together in bed.” The boys’ father passed away two years ago.

Brown said she spent two hours searching for her son after he failed to return home the night of his death. She was soon informed that her son was hit by a car at about 5:40 p.m. on Tuesday evening during rush hour, and was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

“Tragically this collision has resulted in the loss of a young boy’s life and our thoughts are with his family at this harrowing time,” Inspector Brenda Sinclair said. “We are appealing for any drivers or pedestrians who may have been on the A92 at the time of the collision to come forward and help establish the full circumstances of the incident.”

Brown said she doesn’t know why her son was so far from his friend’s house when he died, and suspects she might never fully understand.

“He's never ever wandered away before. I don’t think we’ll ever know how he got there, how he came to be on that road. It's quite far from his friend's house,” she said. “We don’t know all the details about the accident yet as the police are still investigating it. But if it was a genuine accident and there were no other factors involved I’d like to meet the woman driver. I'd like to tell her that, you know, I understand it was an accident."

Source: Mirror Online / Photo Credit: Daily Record via Mirror Online


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