9-Year-Old Boy Sends Heartwarming Note To Injured Police Officer

Officer Anthony Nolan of New London, Connecticut, lost his footing and hurt his knee while on duty at the end of September.

During his recovery, he returned home one day to find a note from a 9-year-old he’s known for the last two years, WFSB reported.

“My mom sayss your hurt,” the unidentified youngster wrote. "Im sad because you cant read to me."

The boy and his sister also included artwork that depicted a police car and flowers -- and some money for coffee.

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Nolan met the boy when he found him and his friend upset because their book had gotten wet.

“I told them I got a book that was similar to the one they have [but] didn’t know what kind of book it was,” Nolan told WFSB. “It ended up about being about not having parents -- one of those 'gulp' moments.”

“I don’t have a dad," the letter continues, "only you read to me.” 

Nolan said he’s been reading to the boy since they met.

“They let me know what it means to them not to see me, which made me feel a lot better,” Nolan said. “It was like one of those healing moments: Even though you’re sick, you feel healed.”

According to a Facebook page devoted to Nolan’s campaign for city council, Nolan has extensive experience working with children. He has served as a school resource officer for elementary, middle and high school students and worked with several youth organizations.

“Kids make us feel just as wonderful as we’re supposed to make them feel,” Nolan said.

Sources: WFSB, Anthony Nolan for New London City Council/Facebook / Photo credit: Anthony Nolan for New London City Council/Facebook


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