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9-Year-Old Boy Allegedly Beaten To Death For Stealing Birthday Cake

A 9-year-old Maryland boy was allegedly beaten to death by his mother and uncle for stealing a piece of birthday cake, court documents claim.

Jack Garcia died July 5 after the June 30 assault, which Oriana Garcia, 26, and Jacob Barajas, 23, are accused of being complicit in.

Barajas allegedly handcuffed Jack to a chair before Robert Wilson, Oriana’s 30-year-old boyfriend, began beating him.

Wilson was accused of first-degree child abuse, but this charge was decided prior to Jack’s death. Sources indicate that Wilson’s charges are likely to increase.

Barajas and Oriana face second-degree murder charges.

Police accuse Oriana of having turned an ambulance away from the apartment following the beating, stating that her son was only congested and required no medical assistance. Paramedics returned only five hours later, after Jack stopped breathing.

Daniel Fletcher, Oriana’s former boyfriend, was taken aback by the allegation of her involvement in Jack’s beating.

“She was a loving mother,” Fletcher said, according to Daily Mail.

“I don't believe for a second she would have sent them away, knowing that he was in peril, that he was injured the way he was,” he added.

According to Barajas’ version of events, Wilson went to pick up Oriana from her job after Jack started having difficulty breathing.

Oriana stated that Jack started “fading in and out.” She tried to give him water and had Wilson call paramedics when Jack began to make gurgling noises when breathing.

His transfer to the Children’s National Medical Center was delayed due to bad weather.

After Jack’s death, Fletcher flew to Maryland for the boy’s funeral.

“He wasn't my boy but he was pretty much the only son I had,” Fletcher said.

Court documents also claim that the June 30 incident was not the first time Jack had been handcuffed to the chair as a punishment. Daily Mail reported that he had been restrained for up to three hours per day in the week prior to the deadly assault.

Oriana and Barajas are due in court Aug. 12, Herald Mail Media reported.

Sources: Herald Mail Media, Daily Mail/ photo credit: Daily Mail


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