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9 Year Old Attacked by Pit Bull: 'Thought Dog was Going to Kill Her'

On November 22, 9-year-old Brenda Jiminez was walking in the small town of Welasco, TX, to visit a friend, when a pit bull ran through an open gate next door, knocked her to the ground and began biting her.

"I thought they were two pit bulls fighting. I stopped and there was a little girl under the pit bull and I noticed that the dog had her from one foot…, said Alfred Acuna, who lives in the neighborhood, was driving by. He stopped and said he hit the dog in the head to make it release the girl.

The dog ran away, but was later captured.  The little girl’s family is worried that the pit bull could be returned to the owner after a 30-day quarantine period, according to

The property where the pit bull lives is for sale, and federal documents obtained by indicate Ruben Salinas is one of the sellers. Salinas was caught trying to drive a tractor trailer loaded with 287 kilos of marijuana through the Falfurrias checkpoint in August of 2010, according to the report.

Brenda Jimenez is recovering after treatment for missing flesh and lots of puncture wounds. Akuna doesn't consider himself a hero; but Brenda's family is very thankful he was there.


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