Teens' Boat Found Nine Months After Their Disappearance


A boat with two teenage boys onboard that seemingly vanished off the coast of Jupiter, Florida, on July 24, 2015, has been recovered.

On March 18, a Norwegian multi-purpose vessel named Edda Fjord found a capsized boat about 100-miles off the coast of Bermuda, WPEC reports. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission confirmed the boat belonged to missing teen Austin Stephanos.

Personal effects of Stephanos and his friend Perry Cohen, both 14 at the time of their disappearance, were found on the boat. The boys were not on board when it was found.

The boat was in too deep of water to use an anchor, so the Coast Guard attached a data marker buoy to it. When they returned to the location after searching for the boys, the boat was gone, Coast Guard chief petty officer Ryan Doss said.

“The marker buoy did not work properly,” Doss said.

The Coast Guard and private groups searched more than 25,000 square miles of ocean for several weeks, but the teens were never found, according to WPEC.

Lingering questions as to what happened to the boys may be found in a recovered iPhone.

According to a Facebook post made by Cohen’s mother Pamela, an iPhone was found on the boat. She hopes the FWC will use “expert resources of other government agencies, as well as the private sector if necessary to extrapolate” its data.

The boat has been placed in a shipping container and is expected to arrive in the U.S. on May 16.

Sources: WPEC, Pamela Telvi Cohen/FacebookPalm Beach Post / Photo credit: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission via Palm Beach Post

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