$9 a Gallon Gas in New York and New Jersey

In New York and New Jersey, more than 50 LukOil gas station franchises have raised their prices to more than $9 a gallon, on Wednesday, to protest the company headquarters' pricing policies, reports myfoxny.com.

The LukOil station owners say they have to pay up to $.20 a gallon more than other station owners of different brands.

One LukOil station in South Plainfield, New Jersey had signs listing regular gas for $8.99 a gallon and premium listed at $9.49 a gallon for cash and $9.59 for credit.

A clerk at the South Plainfield station told one driver, "I advise you to look at the price on the pump first, and if you like it, I'll fill your car up. If you don't, you can drive off." 

By law, gas stations can not change prices more than once in a 24 hour period so the prices will remain in effect all day.


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