'Really Bad Smell': Police Find Emaciated Puppies Living In House Filled With Feces, Urine (Photos)


Nine dogs were rescued from a Pennsylvania home after being found emaciated and living in a home filled with feces and urine, with no access to food.

Neighbors grew concerned after they heard the dogs howling in the Aliquippa, Pensylvania, home and witnessed the conditions inside, according to reports. Police were alerted to the home on Wednesday night, and rescued the dogs on Thursday.

“We've been worried about the condition of the dogs. It's sad to see the puppies, how thin they were and not taken care of,” neighbor Gerald Schill told WTAE.

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Two adult dogs were let out by the tenant after police instructed her to unlock the front door of the home. Police officers then carried seven puppies out one by one as neighbors comforted the pets and gave them water. Officer John Lane described the conditions inside of the home following the rescue.

“Really bad smell. It's probably about 100 degrees in there, even though it's nice outside,” Lane told WTAE.

According to police, officers were also called to the home last year after neighbors complained of a foul smell.

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“We had a call of a smell. We investigated and found a dead dog in the back in a black garbage can,” Lane said. “They cut off its head and had it stuck in a garbage bag out on the back porch and left it there for a couple of months.”

Neighbor Shirley DelTondo told WTAE that the female tenant at the house displayed neglect towards the dogs when it came to feeding them properly.

“She would just come, bring a big bag of dog food, rip it open, and throw it in the house,” DelTondo said. 

“We did find a large 50 pound bag of dog food hidden in the closet,” Officer Lane confirmed.

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The house was subsequently condemned following the rescue, and authorities are preparing to file charges against the owner.

“I don't know what her problem is but she better get it straightened out,” DelTondo said.

The seven puppies and two adult pit bulls are recovering at the Beaver County Humane Society, according to WTAE.

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Sources: WTAE, CBS Pittsburgh

Photo Credit: wtae.com


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