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8th Grader Skylar Davis Kicked Out Of Kansas School For Carrying Vera Bradley Purse

An 8th grader in Garnett, Kan., refused to stop carrying a brightly colored, floral Vera Bradley purse over his shoulder when he went to school, saying it “expresses” him.

Skylar Davis, 13, has now been suspended for his attachment to the accouterment.

“Skylar has been going to school since August with that same Vera Bradley bag on, hasn’t taken it off,” said his mother Leslie Willis. “What is the problem?”

Davis showed up at school as usual Wednesday, wearing the purse like he always does. But this time, for reasons that have not been explained, a faculty member at Anderson County Senior-Junior School ordered him to take it off.

“I don’t think everyone should be treated differently,” Skylar told KCTV News. “Everyone should have the same privileges.”

His mother argues that if girls are allowed to carry purses, so should he.

Davis was sent to the principal’s office, where Assistant Principal Don Hillard ordered the boy to remove his bag.

“I went to the office and I refused to take it off, and they suspended me,” the teen (pictured) recounted.

The TV station attempted to chase down Hillard to get some answers about why a boy would be kicked out of school simply for carrying a colorful purse, even knocking on the door of the school official’s home. But Hillard would not respond.

Willis says that she combed through the school’s student handbook looking for a list of banned clothing or accessories. Nowhere did she find a mention of bags or purses.

“I was a little furious, and I called the school [and spoke to Hillard] to reverify the story, and yeah, he refused to take off his Vera Bradley bag,” Willis told the TV station. “Nothing more to do it.”

Skylar’s brother, Dakota Haight, also protested the suspension.

“I’ve seen girls wear short shorts,” Haight said. “Why don’t they get kicked out? But then he gets kicked out for a purse? That doesn’t make sense. It’s not right.”

Sources: KCTV 5, WTSP TV


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