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Kathy Griffin: Trump Is An 'Actual Nazi' (Video)

Kathy Griffin: Trump Is An 'Actual Nazi' (Video) Promo Image

Comedian Kathy Griffin has doubled down on her criticism of President Donald Trump. Griffin, who ignited controversy earlier in the year when she shared a photograph of herself holding up a decapitated dummy head with Trump's likeness, accused the president of being an "an actual Nazi" (video below).

On Dec. 11, Griffin said she did not regret sharing the provocative photograph that damaged her career.

"I'm not sorry," Griffin told the BBC. "I take the apology back 1,000 percent."

On May 30, Griffin drew widespread condemnation when an image of her holding up a bloody mannequin head bearing Trump's likeness was released. The picture was taken by photographer Tyler Shields, who was known for crafting controversial images, CNN reports.

"Disgusting but not surprising," tweeted the president's son, Donald Trump Jr., who added, "Imagine a conservative did this to Obama as POTUS?"

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CNN promptly fired Griffin from its annual New Year's Eve program. She had hosted the event for a decade with anchor Anderson Cooper, who called her photograph "disgusting and completely inappropriate."

That evening, Griffin issued an apology on social media.

"I'm a comic," Griffin said in a video. "I cross the line. I move the line, then I cross it. I went way too far. The image is too disturbing. I understand how it offends people. It wasn't funny. I get it."

The comedian added: "I beg your forgiveness, I went too far."

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On Aug. 28, Griffin retracted her apology during an interview with an Australian morning show.

"I'm no longer sorry," the comedian told Sunrise. "The whole outrage was B.S. The whole thing got so blown out of proportion."

Griffin asserted that she had been blacklisted by Hollywood following the photograph and that she could no longer find work.

"I didn't just lose on night on CNN," Griffin said. "My entire tour was canceled within 24 hours because every single theater got all these death threats."

During her latest interview, Griffin noted that she had done comedy tours for U.S. troops in active war zones in Afghanistan and Iraq. The comedian said this made her more patriotic than the Trump family.

"I'm more of a patriot than any of those Nazi Trumps on a good day," Griffin said. "And yeah, I think our president is a Nazi. I think that people should be very frightened. I think there is an actual Nazi -- or at least someone with Nazi leanings -- in the White House."

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