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Elderly Woman Fights Off Raccoon (Video)

A Connecticut woman was injured after being attacked in her Hamden home by a raccoon.

Betty McKernan, 88, let the animal in through her sliding door Sunday night thinking it was her cat. When she tried petting the animal, she was bitten on the elbow, hand, forearm, lip and chin.

After she fended off the raccoon she called 911.

When police arrived they say the aggressive animal charged at them, too. They forced it outside and it was euthanized by animal control. The animal’s body was transported to the Connecticut Public Health Laboratory, where it's being tested for rabies.

McKernan was given the first round of the rabies vaccine at Yale-New Haven Hospital and later released.

“My mother doesn’t see too well,” her son Malcolm McKernan told NBC New York.

He said police told him that rabies cases in the area have increased in the past few years.

"She's a tough old bird. She fought it off and was able to call on the phone. That's pretty remarkable," he added.

Sources: New York Daily NewsNBC New York

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / Tambako The Jaguar


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