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88-Year-Old Shoots Wife in the Chest at Hospital Where She Was Already a Patient

A Nevada hospital was on a two-hour lockdown yesterday after an 88-year-old gunman shot his wife, who was already a patient there at the time, in the chest.

Police say William Dresser is now on suicide watch at a local jail following the incident. His wife was admitted to the rehabilitation unit on the third floor of the hospital when Dresser walked into her room with a gun and shot her. He was immediately arrested and is being held in jail on attempted murder with a deadly weapon. His bail is set at $225,000.

Following the incident, doctors said the woman’s injuries were life threatening and she was transferred to a different hospital so doctors there could save her life. The hospital released a statement following the two-hour lockdown, calling it a “targeted situation.”

Dresser’s motives for shooting his wife in the chest at the hospital are not clear, but police do say that the reason she was there in the first place did not have anything to do with a domestic situation or foul play of any kind.  


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