Surveillance Footage Shows 88-Year-Old Man, Who Later Died, Being Pushed At Bus Stop (Video)


An 88-year-old man tragically died after he was pushed by a stranger who was trying to dig through his pockets.

Reports say that Arthur Hearn was waiting for a bus in Chicago when a young man attacked him, pushed him to the ground and proceeded to go through his pockets. The assailant and a female friend fled the scene, but a little while later, they flagged down police and told the officers where they left Hearn.

Sadly, Hearn died from a head injury he suffered from the fall, and now, the incident has been labeled a homicide.

“Just know that you have taken away a mentor to the community, and how many lives that you have really destroyed and affected,” said a family member of Hearn, who was a longtime barber.

“He was a great man,” said Hearn’s coworker Kevin McGahen. “I can think of countless times he's helped me out of a situation that I may have been in, whether spiritually, mentally or financially or whatever the case may be. He was a wonderful person.”

Reports say that in 1996, Hearn was shot in the leg while he was saving a woman from sexual assault, so family members suspect that the brave 88-year-old may have also fought back this time around.

Despite the case being labeled a homicide, police have yet to arrest the perpetrators.

Sources: The Blaze, ABC 7 Chicago


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