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86-Car Ohio Pileup Leaves 12-Year-Old Dead, 20 Injured

Drivers in Ohio faced a number of difficult conditions on Monday, including wet roadways and swirling snow, which resulted in multiple car accidents and injuries.

One crash on Interstate 275 near Cincinnati involved at least 86 cars and set off multiple other chain-reaction accidents, according to The Daily News. It has been reported that white-out conditions may have existed at the time of the original crash.

After the initial pileup, a 12-year-old girl who had been traveling in one of the vehicles emerged from her damaged transport and was standing on the median. Unfortunately, the area she chose was located close to a cable barrier, a variety of fencing that features rope-like wire cables. As she stood near the barrier, a vehicle hit it and one of the cables snapped, striking the girl. After being taken to a nearby hospital, she was pronounced dead.

There was wreckage and debris all over the highway and the interstate had to be shut down for hours. Besides the young girl, whose name has yet to be released, at least 20 other people were injured in the rash of crashes but none are reported to have life-threatening injuries.

According to local ABC affiliate, newsnet5, ten different emergency agencies responded to the crash scene and some of the early respondents had to use the jaws of life to free at least four people from their cars.

Due to the large amount of damaged or totally inoperable cars, metro buses were called to the scene to transport drivers who would have otherwise been stranded.


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