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85-Year-Old Tennessee Woman Pearl Jones Busted On Drug Dealing Charges, Again

Apparently, an AARP card is not enough to get you out of a drug rap.

SWAT team officers in Kingsport, Tenn., made that point abundantly clear Tuesday night when they stormed the home of 85-year-old Pearl Jones and hailed her off on charges of selling drugs in a school zone.

Jones’ home is located one block away from an elementary school.

According to the Kingsport Times-News, officers were acting on a warrant stemming from an ongoing drug investigation when they staged the raid on the elderly woman’s domicile, according to Kingsport Police spokesman Tom Patton. Police found the drug hydrocodone, which is a pain pill also popular with illegal recreational users, in Jones’s home. They seized drug paraphernalia and $1,200 in cash and arrested another man, Timothy Farley, 42.

Farley was reportedly sitting on the drug supplies concealed beneath a cushion when he was arrested.

The cash, police said, indicates that Jones was involved in sale of the hydrocodone, which was in the form of pills under the brand name Lortab. The drug is also marketed under the better-known brand name Vicodin.

The bust is the second for the senior citizen. According to News Channel 11, in 2008, Jones was charged with two counts of Schedule III narcotics possession as part of large police operation that resulted in indictments of 46 suspects. Jones was 81 at the time.

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